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The online ticket system for customer satisfaction

What is an online ticket system?

An online ticket system is a repository of all the contacts that take place between your customers and your help desk agents. Usually, the contacts involve questions or problems relating to technical issues or customer service.

Zendesk Support is help desk software that makes your company look good, whether your customers are asking questions, seeking answers on their own or looking for active help from your contact center.

The advantage

Once upon a time, agents took phone calls, provided simple solutions, then hung up. In the age of software, real-time reporting and integration with other business systems, online tickets are the key to customer satisfaction.

Each time an agent creates a ticket in the software, it sets off workflow that can draw teams from support, sales, marketing and management into the customer relationship. Every ticket corresponds to a point in the customer lifecycle, and the ticket system stores all of them. By tracking and reporting on the tickets, smart companies gather and analyze much more information about their customers.

The benefits

The main benefits are in tracking, prioritizing and solving tickets. Issues tracked on a ticketing platform are less likely to fall through the cracks and be forgotten. When all issues are in a system, it's easier to build a process for prioritizing them and allocating resources to solving them. Reports provide valuable metrics for gauging performance and input for process improvement.

Plus, when the ticket system is integrated with other resources like the knowledge base, it becomes simple for both customers and agents to find the solutions to issues quickly.

The best time

The push for ticket systems usually starts when the support team realizes that management of issues with paper tickets and spreadsheets is no longer an option.

As the volume of phone calls and inbound email rises, agents see that they must start creating tickets in an online system. They look for customizable technology, real-time reports and built-in analytics so they can better manage help desk processes.

Ticketing with Zendesk Support

The Zendesk platform centers on Zendesk Support -- customer service and ticket software designed as a full solution to provide agents with everything they need to manage tickets and solve problems.

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