Better together

Four powerful products.
One pretty package.

The Zendesk Suite

Get the message across

Embedded support Web Widget interaction
Embedded support

Embed support natively on your website with the Web Widget or within your mobile app so customers can search for help, start a chat, place a call, or just email you without leaving your app.

Help center

Let customers help themselves with your knowledge base content and a customized, mobile responsive help center.

Answer Bot

Powered by artificial intelligence, automatically respond to support queries with relevant help center articles, solving customer requests while they wait for an agent.
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Proactive triggers

Send targeted and behavior-based messages to customers. For example, you can help customers complete their purchase by automatically reaching out with a chat.

Inbound and outbound calling

Receive unlimited inbound calls from customers. Follow up or provide proactive support with outbound calls. Keep track of calls with automatic ticket creation and call recording.


One workspace. More efficient agents.

Unified workspace animation
Unified workspace

The Zendesk Suite provides simplified workflows through an easy to navigate, contextual interface, regardless of the channel.

Skills-based routing

Automatically assign tickets to the right agents based on their skills, presence and workload. This ensures your customers receive prompt support and your agents aren’t overloaded.

Business rules

Use triggers to route a ticket workflow based on specific actions or automations for time-based conditions. You can easily turn these on or off, and customize them to your specific needs.

Predefined ticket actions

Use macros to respond quickly to standard requests with predefined actions. You can also generate other actions, like changing the status of a ticket or altering certain fields.

Knowledge Capture App

With Guide, you can leverage your team’s collective knowledge. Agents can create new content, link articles into tickets, and flag content for improvements, directly from their Zendesk Support agent interface.
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The insights scoop

Real-time omnichannel dashboard
Real-time omnichannel dashboard

Manage operations with consolidated cross-channel reporting. Get a better sense of how you’re doing by gaining visibility into ticket volume, agent performance, and other key support metrics across all channels.

Historical reporting

Track your support interactions across channels in a single view using Insights. Monitor agent productivity, customer satisfaction, handle times to anticipate customer needs and increase satisfaction.

“Ebates earned a 93% CSAT score with the Zendesk omnichannel solution.”

Member Services VP, Dylan Campopiano